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Discover your genetic make-up

MyTraits Sport provides you with scientifically supported genetic information on your fitness-related traits. See what your genes tell you about your sport predispositions. It also let’s you know how unique you are and how frequent your genetype is worldwide.

Learn sport activities that fit you best

Taking into account a number of traits and genetic variants, MyTraits Sport provides you with recommendations, telling you which types of sport activities are the best suited for you.

Our Story

Each cell in your body contains a wealth of information about you, encoded in your DNA.

At Intelliseq we want to rise awarness about genetic predispositions and gene-environment interactions. In an affodable, user-friendly and scure way we link your genetic information with real-life advice.

By turning the puzzle of your genetic code into eye-candy infographics - we give all the knowledge you need to go on with your fitness!

We decided to make your DNA-based insights smart and beautiful at the same time. Linking art with science in good design full of brilliant science - this is what MyTraits Sport is all about.

How it works?


Send your genetic material to Helix


Your DNA is sequenced


You install MyTraits Sport


Based on your genetic data we generate your personal fitness information

Who are we?

MyTraits Sport was backed by Intelliseq, a genome informatics company. We are an interdisciplinary team of experts in genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and software development. On a daily basis, we provide technology for genome interpretation. Our focus is on development of novel algorithms and tools devoted to interpretation of human DNA sequence. We are fascinated with pharmacogenomics and transcriptomics. The future of our solutions is heading in the direction of AI based mobile applications able to predict personalized risk and support treatment decisions. For more information visit www.intelliseq.pl or connect via Twitter.

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